7" tft

Hi All

I have a reasonably old EMX with the breakout board floating around.
I’ve ordered the 7" TFT to have a play around. Is there anything specific hardware (cables?) or software (firmware versions?) wise I need to drive this display?

You probably have Embedded Master (EM) not EMX. Since it is too old, I am not 100% sure it will work but you surly give it a try. Make sure you have the latest SDK installed, update firmware and then load the 7" configuration code provided.

Did you order the 7" TFT Display?

Or the 7" Panel?

Ordered the GHI-GHI-TFT7IN-260 - Display

I suppose I’ll save myself pain if I just upgrade to Fez Cobra and get the panel?

Yes you are right.
If you want to use the TFT display by itself. you need make the back light circuit. Taking a look at the 7" panel’s schematic will help.

7" panel was designed to work with FEZ Cobra board. I am not sure if it plug and play with EM-TFT module.

Thanks. I’ll contact sales and get my order changed.