7-inch 800x480 full-color display with capacitive multi-touch screen. in fez spider

how to use 7-inch 800x480 full-color display with capacitive multi-touch screen instead of display 3.5 inch in fez spider? which module using for that?

The CP7 display is a module. It plugs into the R, G, B and an I socket on the Spider.

@ Mike - bt in program how to use?

Writing to screen is identical to the 3.5 inch screen.

There are events that occur when the screen is touched and released.
There can be up to five touch points. Touch events are a continual
stream until released, not a single event. The release of the last
touched point results in a single event.

Each touch event is passed an array of five touch points. Each
touch point has an active flag, and x and y coordinates.

There are also events for gestures. The gestures are up, down, left, right, zoom in and zoom out.

There are also three keys printed on the screen. They all have a common x coordinate of 883,
and the y coordinate varies.

The CP7 is included in the July 23 GHI Beta SDK, but it is not complete yet, so what I have
said might be changed in the final release.