5cm gadgeteer cables

I have a ton of gadgeteer cables… probably 20 that I am not using… but I have a shortage of the 5cm cables.

Does anyone know where I can get just 5cm cables? You only get 4 in the “assorted pack” so that’s like $3.50+ each

Does GHI allows substitutions? (all 5cm cables in an assorted pack instead of the other longer ones?)

I’ve not been able to find a source for these except for the assorted pack.

I have lots of 10cm cables

Me too :frowning:

I have twenty two 10cm cables not being used, four 15cm and one 50cm.

But I really need some 5cm. Its just frustrating… it’s not like they cant put 10 5cm in a bag instead of 10 10cm cables.

I think they breed when the lights are off as I have lots as well!

You promise to place an order if we stocked them for you? :wink:

Just kidding, we are looking into this.

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When the Gadgeteer hat is released, Im certain I will place an order for that and some misc modules :slight_smile:

@ mtylerjr - https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/534


“That product is not available”

Edit: okay, now it is.

@ suitable1 - try refreshing

The description reads

and then further down

so is it 5 or 10 ?

@ Rajesh - It’s a pack of 10 ten cables and I just did a “find and replace” without rereading the description, I sincerely apologize for the confusion.