555 timer help

Anyone has 555 on a breadboard? I need you to try something for me please :slight_smile:

CircuitLab - Editing "Unnamed Circuit" has a 555 component (under Unsorted Elements)

Interesting! I will give it a try.

I see how to build a circuit but not seeing how to read values. I am not finding something like a virtual scope


@ Gus - Run > Time domain simulation , then set a time and click on a trace to set a measurement point. Have not checked in detail but I suppose it works like that :slight_smile:

Gus has a new secret project I see!

Is it 5000 things you can do with a 555 timer Gadgeteer module?

I am thinking a peizo module but want to use socket Y and then the digital pins are used ot change the tones.

Sounds cool. :smiley:

I thought about this, a 555 for signal generation and use a digital pot on spi. The 555 are dirt cheap cheap, less than a 25 cents. But I can’t find a digital pot for less than 6 bucks which is kind of a project killer for what should be a cheap device.

@ Dr9 - you sure about that?


And what to do with the other 2999 chips? :slight_smile:

@ Mike - You buy one for 56 cents :slight_smile:

Was looking for bread-boardable DIP. Haven’t gotten into the surface mount (no room in the lab for more stuff at the moment)

So, what do you want us to try?