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500 points to RobotFreak


We have noticed what robot freak has been quietly doing on wiki. 500 points as a thank you note :slight_smile:



Congrat! :clap:

Are you the one who updating all the Devices on the project pages?? :wink:

Look really nice.

Good job! and thank you…


Thanks robotfreak, it’s worth the points ;D


Cool, thank you Gus. :slight_smile:

Inspired by Sam’s Cobra Page, all other device pages has been changed. Some of the category pages has been moved to Wiki pages (DCMotor, ServoMotor …) because IMHO a category should only have links to pages and maybe some short description, not more. Hope that this is alright for you guys


I knew it!! :wink:
When I got into the Project page this morning. Intended to update Panda page. I found the page was up and found the similarity of the pages. I even thought that if I “sleep-walk” to project pages to do it!!!
Scary isn’t it?? :smiley: :smiley:

Any way, good job, RobotFreak. And keep up the good work.

Do I deserve to get a points too, Gus?? :smiley: :wink:


You are a master, earning points requires some amazing videos of FEZ Cobra you have on your desk :wink:


I guess you’re right!
We need to grow,
and leave some simple stuffs for others to pick up
and leave room for them to grow too!

So, I will have something coming sooner or later, just watch!! :wink: