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4.3 Wireless Doo Dah


Personally i wouldn’t label a Lithium Ion battery “Trust Fire”…Gotta love the Chinese :smiley:

STM32F427 - 2mb Flash, 256 kb ram
RF Pipe 2.4 GHz radio
Lipo charger


Added a visual masterpiece of a SPI test…


@ Justing, what softare are you using to do the 3d model? DreamSpark?

I would not label a LIPO Trust Fire either. It’s like “Trust me it will catch Fire”


@ Mr. John Smith - Altium


Oh man, I gotta get me a couple of these. Perfect for some solar projects I’ve been tinkering with this summer. Will they be for sale? I’m happy to help test a beta (heck, even alpha).

Super sweet, as usual 8)

On LiPo meltdowns - one of those solar projects was a pool monitor in a “water resistant” enclosure (not). I had it mounted too close to the pool (within splash distance) and enough chlorinated water vapor got in the enclosure to make for an interesting oxidation reaction on the charging circuit. Not quite fire producing, but very energetic, nonetheless. The 6600 mAh LiPo did not survive. Fortunately, the cerb bee and XBee did, as the unit was powered off and they were physically a bit farther away from the ruckus.


@ ransomhall - if there are any left then i’m sure i can send something over the pond… ::slight_smile:

Cerbbee talking to the doo dah via a RF Pipe


@ Justin - where can someone find one of those 4 Digit Alphanumeric v1.0 modules???


@ ibgregr - v1.0’s might be hard to come by, might be a sneaky one or two hiding in a box…
Plenty of v1.1’s on the shelf…


version is not important…just didn’t know where to order them from.


@ Justin: That’s really cool. But those LEDs much be power hungry. How about a Sharp(er) display???
Then it would be perfect!


Another awesome job Justin. I hope you are bringing some of these to show off at the hack weekend ?


Fear not Hugh, plenty of doo dahs, wotsits, doo hickeys and thingamegigs on the day ::slight_smile:


@ Justin - can you please share where I can order one of the alphanumeric displays from?


Hi Justin,

Are you getting these designs all onto a 2 or 4 layer board?

Power distribution is a lot easier on 4 layer but they cost is a little more than 2 but DFRobot or Seeed Studio prices are starting to make these more affordable, even for some more complex home projects. :slight_smile:


@ Dave McLaughlin - last few have been 2 layer, next couple will probably be 4…
Got a good deal from DF last week for 50x 100x100 4 layer :slight_smile:
Gotta love China…