4.2 RC3 - EMX - TimeServer

Does the TimeServer class work in 4.2 RC3? I set it all up. but when I call “TimeService.Start()” it just hangs.


Have the same problem. I rolled back to 4.1

I’m using a home cooked TimerServer class (rather than the supplied TimeService class). It worked fine with 4.1 but fails with 4.2
From other threads, I suspect the problem is a more general bug associated with UDP communication (SNTP uses UDP port 123).

Others have noted a problem with UDP with this release - hopefully it will be resolved in the next RC.

I have the same problem I wrote a KNX/IP stack base on UDP and it works fine on 4.1

OK… I can confirm that this issue is still present in the Nov 29th release of the 4.2 SDK. TimerServer.Start() will still lock the application … or to put it another way, … it will lock the curent thread execution.


I also have Problems on EMX and Udp with 4.2.x, see here:

Since NTP uses Udp too it might be related.

Confirmed. We will look into it.

Must just be an EMX issue then.

Oh… was not aware that the Spider used the EMX as well. I’m using the Cobra.

I am using basically the same code as you and it blocks on TimeServer.Start() and never returns. Unfortunately that is not a managed class that I can look at in the framework so not sure whats going on.