deserialize object incompatible with previous sdk's

I noticed that a serialized object created with previous sdk version can not be de-serialized with It throws an exception

This might be of interest to people who have stored application or config data in a serialized format on a memory card and are going to update their app / firmware.

You mean going from 4.1 to 4.2? If it is previous 4.2 SDK then should not be possible as we didn’t change how this works plus this is a native NETMF feature from Microsoft.

It was from 4.2.10 to 4.2.11 I will check another device

I think it is part of the design. Assembly version is part of the binary serialization:

@ Architect - Interesting, i will check

I didn’t know that

@ RobvanSchelven - Yep. I have just checked Full assembly name contains version information:


looks like:

“GameOChess, Version=”

for my last codeshare.

You can provide your own SerializationBinder to the binary formatter and ignore the assembly name completely or the just version part.

@ Architect - Thanks for checking this out !!

You are welcome!