3G Modem Suggestions

Hey all,

I have been searching high and low for a 3G modem that I can interface to either a FEZ Domino or a FEZ Cobra. There are a ton out there, but nothing that seemed really ideal for my use.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with 3G cellular modems on NETMF? I already have the quad-band Arduino shield, but the next project I am using needs to use 3G.

Thanks in advance!

Why do you need 3G? is it the need faster speed?

Up here in Canada, and in the particular area I need to put some Cobras, I can only use 3G/HSPA networks. I already have a 5100 shield that works on Rogers, but Rogers is the only carrier that doesn’t have coverage in this particular area.

Any suggestions on a serial 3G modem that I can just pop a SIM card into?

I don’t have any recommendation for a 3G modem. Telit does nice ones though!.

Just curious, what is the 5100 shield?

With cobra, any serial modem will work over PPP connection found on cobra. If it works on your pc then it should work on cobra. So mauve check with your local mobile store for serial 3G modems.