3D printed enclosure for Gadgeteer

From Rob Miles



Dang…my “need” for a 3D printer just went up by an order of magnitude. :expressionless:

This is old news (if you can do it to me :slight_smile: )

It is new here. :smiley:

Are you holding a grudge?! :wink:

I wouldn’t hold a grudge against a Divine one :smiley:

To be honest, I don’t like that title.

Yes your Holiness. :slight_smile:


Pope Architect the 1st?


I’ve seen that one a while back and I’m still jealous… Maybe this year I’ll get a 3D printer :frowning:

Perhaps “Mr” Architect? I’m VERY disappointed in Gus’ selection of shades of pink, though… :wink:

The only shade of Pink I like is the one that ends with Floyd.

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Now you’re talking my language divine one!

Raise the bar and mount your fez in your 3d printed clothes… Nederlandse showt 3D-geprinte kleding op Paris Fashion Week | Gadgets | NU.nl :slight_smile:

… and if you have some pcb leftovers you can make your own shoes:

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Déjà vu :wink:

@ Architect and everyone else. Divine was being used as an adjective here and not a noun. However, we can see the confusion. We decided to use the adjective definition of Divine that we originally wanted which is Superhuman. Hopefully everyone likes this title better.

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That is, super! :wink:

When used as a adjective :
a. Having the nature of or being a deity.
b. Of, relating to, emanating from, or being the expression of a deity: sought divine guidance through meditation.
c. Being in the service or worship of a deity; sacred.
2. Superhuman; godlike.
a. Supremely good or beautiful; magnificent: a divine performance of the concerto.
b. Extremely pleasant; delightful: had a divine time at the ball.
4. Heavenly; perfect.

For Valentin I would agree with the third definition, and maybe the fourth. The first, not so much… :slight_smile:

Superman is good!

I think he needs a little super man shield next to his name then :smiley:

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