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3D PDF for all GHI products


We think this will help and it is pretty cool so we are adding 3D PDF to all circuit boards we offer. We started with the modules the community made 3D models off. We will be adding more soon.

Here is an example, click on downloads

Hope you like it.


I receive error when openning the document in browser or in standalone reader. I use Adobe Reader X. anyone can confirm ?


3D is a new feature in acrobat. Make sure you have the latest version of acrobat reader.


The same error on two different computers, both running Windows 7 and Adobe Reader X 10.1.2 EN

Error: [italic]A 3D data parsing error has occured[/italic]


I opened it successfully once in Chrome. The second time I tried, an Adobe Reader update ran automatically, and now I get the same error Gralin sees. A document does open, but it’s just a small plain red box. The error occurs in the browser or in Reader proper. Version is 10.1.2. Chrome version is 16.0.912.75.

[edit] looks like the 10.1.2 update came out 1/10/12, and there were some 3D related bugs “fixed”… there isn’t any way I can find to uninstall these updates.


It seems to work for me…wait an update notice just popped up, it says it is for 10.1.2 which was released two days ago. Installed it, let me reboot and see what happens…


Same story as ransomhall, after updating Adobe Reader the FEZ 3D PDFs no longer work :frowning:

Silly Adobe ::slight_smile:


Well, at least we have most of the modules as sketchup files on the wiki, thanks to some overachieving forum members (cough). In the brief time I did get to look at the power module, it does look like a better render than sketchup, and the animated view is slick. This is what they call the bleeding edge, I think :slight_smile:


I got the same error


I have version 10.1.1 so I guess version 10.1.2 release 2 days ago has a problem! We will see how we can come around this.

What version do you have Joe?


Adobe Reader X (10.1.2)


I have 10.1.1 and it works neatly !
Thank you again for the great job :stuck_out_tongue:


Luckily I cancelled the update on another computer with a bigger screen!


Looks good!


Very nice! Thanks!


Most GHI modules now have a 3D PDF file available for download. Just browse to the module you want in the catalog, and select the downloads tab.
The 3D files should now work with the new adobe version as well!



Awesome! Thanks. Any chance you could post a zip of all of them someplace? Takes awhile to download them one by one… maybe add this to the wiki where the google sketchup files are. There is a column for the PDF link, but a zip would be better.


Here is a link:

There is a link on the 3D Gadgeteer Models wiki page as well :slight_smile:



Great job Shaun!

Thank you.