3D Models disappeared

Why have “3D Models” and “Dimensions” documents for Gadgeteer modules and mainboards have quietly disappeared?


Yep, there gone. +1

@ Gus, any…?

+1 this too.

The 3D models made PCB designs easy for modules and the 3D models for the likes of the boards made enclosure design much easier.

Can we have them back please?


Unfortunately we haven’t had the ability to produce those files for awhile. Rather than keep them on the older products only, we removed them from the catalog entries for uniformity. For now at least, the files are still at https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/model/.

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If anyone has any interest in creating them please email me. I have one guy in mind but I am not sure he is in the spot to do so.

@ Gary - the wife taken your Crayons off you again?

I told you to stop sucking on the ends of them :smiley:

I know who you are!

Not sure if y’all are still using Eagle for development, we use it with [url]https://eagleup.wordpress.com/[/url] to produce 3d models

I see. Someone (including me) could argue that something is better than nothing in this case though :slight_smile:

What about Eagle files? Those are gone too. What’s the reason behind removing them and can we still download them?

The .step files are very useful too. I use Autodesk123D Design to design enclosures for 3d printing. It is great to import the .step files of components to see how they fit in a model. If there is an effort I could contribute to I would donate some time.

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@ cgay - Thanks for the link. This looks like something I need to investigate.

@ Gary, so you need models for the new designs?