32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F Free Kit (USA/Canada)

Looks interesting:

Submitted my request ;D

I did mine earlier got e-mail back, looks like I am in. ;D

Looks like ST is taking the lead now in cortex-m3 and m4

It would have been NXP (like they did on ARM7) if they got their promised LPC1800 and LPC4000 on time… they are only about 2 years late :slight_smile:

I sense ST based Fez on horizon.

On this years Embedded World exhibition ST was givin away as many M3 starter kits as you needed! My friend got more than 10 and i bet he has an internet of things in his house :wink: But GHI was giving away Panda 2 so i wasnt that interested in ST kits;) So i recommend comming back next year if net mf booth will be there…

GHI always have gifts and toys with anywhere we go, so always stop by when you can :slight_smile:

If not, then I will buy you a beer :slight_smile:

Just got my email that one’s headed to Skewworks.

I expected it sometime in November, but it magically appeared today!
(No shipment notification)

Now, get cracking on that NETMF port!

Yes,sir!!! :o

The sad thing here is that the MCU on this board is one powerful beast, and yet it’s still cheaper in ones than the Atmel MCU used on the Netduino :frowning:

I guess it was a question of implementing everything from scratch for STM32 or use code from porting kit for Atmel. Now is a different story 4.2PK has code for STM32.

I noticed that too.

Now like godefroi said

I just got one in the mail as well. i had forgotten about it.

I wonder how hard it would be to get the PK code running on the Cortex-M4 version of the STM32. M4 is basically an M3 with a DSP and FPU tacked on…

Which would be useless in NETMF unless you add native code for the DSP…still no completely suited

Mine was waiting for me when I got home too. ;D

Mine too. Now to find time to figure it out… Maybe by then one of you will have ported NETMF over to it :wink:

BTW, I also happened across this at just the right moment a few days ago and got another freebee. :slight_smile: I’ll have to find time for it too… Yea, that’s me in the first comment :smiley:

And didn’t share here?! :o :naughty: