30% Off Site-Wide And More!

Here at GHI Electronics, we want your holiday and time-off to be filled with as much happiness and tinkering as possible. That’s why we’re offering a 30% off site-wide sale with zero exclusions! And just to make things a little more exciting, if you spend $250 or more we’re also including FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Enter the discount code YEAREND2013 to redeem this incredible offer.

Please visit our catalog : https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog

*** EDIT *** This promotion ended on 12/23/2013


I bet international customers will love the free shipping option :clap:

Happy Holidays everyone. We hope the next year will be as great to you all and to the amazing team we have at GHI Electronics.

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I like the free shipping, but I don’t love it. I would have loved it if it was in place about 3 weeks ago when I made my last order :slight_smile: ( :frowning: )

But timing is timing - I suck at timing ! :slight_smile:


I do but the shipping time to me via USPS, even express, is about 4-6 weeks :frowning:

Actually, it’s quite quick at reading Indonesia but the customs and postal service here sucks and it takes them the time to process and clear it.

BUT, as I am not in any rush, I have placed an order and used the free option. :slight_smile:

Well… I wish there was a pre-order / backorder option. Everything I want is out of stock :frowning:

Also me, which is a good sign. Cleared stock means, place for new revisions :wink:

Thanks GHI.

@ ianlee74 - What did you want that was out of stock?

BBB & CC3000. Of course, the later hasn’t been stocked yet but I would pre-order :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - The two things I can’t help with, :think:

Unfortunately my Electronics budget is already a bit ‘overused’ this Chrismas:
[ul]new HTPC
new 55" TV
new NAS
new 24 port Switch
couple of new cables (not to underestimate)[/ul]

and that does not include any gifts :wall:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Let us know when they are due to arrive, and we thank you for the great gifts! :whistle:

@ Gary - Too late, everything is already in symbiosis with the house :hand:

Edit: Ok you got me. Order placed.
I hope N18 and Medusa Mini are small enough to fit my needs. :think:

:slight_smile: I thought I would throw it out there, just in case.

Really good news! Order placed!

sweet news

Hi, I hope anyone from GHI answer my messages sent from the ContactUs page, I made a big order to be shipped to US on last Monday. The order is still pending and I don’t know why it is pending or when is it going to be shipped. please anyone explain the order processing steps and the expected time frame.

We are overwhelmed with orders but doing or best to ship all on time. Your order will ship today if it hasn’t shipped already.

@ Gus - thanks man, appreciate your fast reply

I just made my order … This is a great deal! Was even thinking of getting a $400 gift card just so I could get the 30% off and use it later … :slight_smile:

Except that the “No exclusions” actually has an exclusion…


Gift cards are not products :slight_smile: