3-Pin E-Block, JST and Thermistor


First nice with the 3-Pin E-Block - quick to get going!

But, getting further involves some problems:

  1. Custom length on JST connector wires 2/3 pin - where to buy wire connectors and tools for making them?

  2. It will be nice with at diagram over the E-Blocks and sensors like the Thermistor.

Those are standard connector types found at many supplier such as digikey

The connectors name is JST type PH her is a link to the datasheet:

The Thermistor is 10 kOhm NTC

Neils - Are you saying your thermistor has the PH type connector? A thermistor has 2 wires, so why would you need a connector with 7 pins? Are you trying to add several thermistors to a board with one connector? Making your own JST jumpers is a pain IMHO. They are inexpensive enough that buying a bunch with various wire lengths will save you a lot of hassle.

The JST PH connectors is a series of connectors with 2 to N pins.

The Thermistor has 2.
The Thermal E-Block has one with three, and one with two (for the Thermistor).

The E-blocks is smart for prototyping… but it will be nice with diagrams so one easily can improve the design for special tasks or include the E-block on a PCB.