3.5" NHVD Compatibility and GHI120/Cobra 3

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for a project we plan to use the fez cobra 3 for prototyping and later the gh120 in a custom pcb layout (all with native .netmf).

Our device will use a lot of the provided pins 20 D, 6 A, 4 PWM and maybe some more. So for the cobra 3 we also have to use some pins from the 40pin-expansion slot.

We are unconfident with choosing a display. Based on our device size we can only use a 3.5" display. First idea was to use the TE35, but as noted above we have to go with a custom layout and can’t use the GXP Bridge.

So my questions are:

a) Is the TE35 also a NHV-Display? If so, which one?

b) Can we go with one of these NHV-Displays using Glide without massive driver programming (some initialization is ok)?

  1. 3.5 inch Standard Resistive TFT Display

  2. 3.5 inch Standard Capacitive TFT Display

c) If using the 1) display, what kind of input/output do wee need? I assume 2 analog inputs and 2 outputs (V and GND)? Or is it better to go directly with an touch controller (spi/i2c)?

I appreciate any help, information or hints.

Thank you und greetz,

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@ abib-software -
You don’t have to use GXP Bridge in your final custom PCB. You can just use the 40 pin ribbon cable to connect the Display NHVN Module to your custom PCB

If you’re creating a custom PCB, then you can just design in the required components and connectors so you could connect the display to that PCB and remove the need for everything external except the display. Or you can create a Gadgeteer-like daughterboard for the display and create RGBT sockets on the PCB - or use a custom connector of whatever you’d like, that just mimics the RGBT socket critical display pins.
Edit: and while I don’t know for sure, I am pretty sure that the TE35 is NOT a NHVN display

First display is resistive and will either use the ADC on the G120 or you can use a touch driver such as the ADS7846.

The second one is capacitive and would use I2C. For me this is the easiest and offers the best touch experience but will depend on your installation.

For connection and a custom design no need to use the expensive GXP and it’s connectors unless you want to use the GHI LCD module. Just run with an FPC or IDC ribbon cable. This is how I connect the display to my G400 design. Of course you could mount the PCB on the back of the LCD and I have done this with the G120. It all depends on how you want to connect to the outside world.

Hi all,

thank you for response.

I go with TE35 for prototyping now and the pcb manufacturer will create a custom connector for the final product with NHVD.


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