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On the FEZ mini there is a pin market 3.3NC, just next to the GND pin. What exactly is this pin? Is this an output from the +3.3V voltage regulator or should I connect my 3.3V Voltage regulator to this or should it be left “Not Connected”?


That is a 3.3V output.


I can probably go check this, but what is the current supported by the onboard voltage regulator?


This is 3.3V pin that can be optional for BS2 compatibility. There is a 0ohm resistor that can be removed to disconnect it


The +3.3V regulator used on the FEZ mini can supply 800mA. How much of this would the FEZ mini Board be consuming? The idea being that if there is some capasity left, I’d like to use it to also drive two gyro’s (6.8mA each) and an acceleromiter (350uA) which are both rated as being low power devices.

Gyro Breakout Board - LPY530AL Dual 300°/s

Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL335


If you check the COMPARE page,, you can see the power consumption at different states. you have 600+mA to spare :slight_smile:



Thanks for the help.