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20 years together....True love still exists


Exactly, today I’m 20 years together with my wife of which we are 17 years married. I don’t know in other regions around the world, but we are the only ones amongst our old friends that are still together.

But this won’t come on it’s own. You gotta work on your relation, and both add water ti the wine, otherwise it’s a no-go.

We had a wonderful evening with plenty of food and good wine.

Anyway, just wanted to share this moment of joy with a fantastic community.

Greetings from a very happy couple :wink:


Congratulations and I wish you a FEZ (fun and easy) days for the rest of your lives.


Congrats Eric !


Way to go man! Many happy years to follow!




Congrats! That’s awesome. I hope my wife doesn’t kill me before we reach that milestone… :wink:


Congratulations Eric!
It might not always been easy, but hey, look what you’ve both accomplished! 8)


Thanks for the kind words guys.