2 or more Motor Driver L298 Modules?

Is it possible to connect 2 or more Motor Driver L298 Modules to one spider fez module?

Yes. Each one needs one P type socket

And if I want need to control 3-4 Motor Driver Modules and I have only two P type sockets?

Currently there is no option. That would a module with its own PWM signals.

But it is possible to build my own Module that can handle more Motors? How difficult would this be?

It is very easy if you know electronics, but sine you asked, I would assume it will not be easy fro you.

The module will have a little I2C chip that has PWM pins that in turn used to control motors.

Do you need to control speed or just on and off?

@ Gus

Something I’m unclear on…the Gadgeteer socket spec (http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Gadgeteer_Sockets) says pins 7, 8, and 9 on a P socket are PWM. Since there are two PWM sockets on, for example, the FEZ Spider, does that mean you can have up to 6 separate PWM signals, if the module is designed to use all 3 pins in a given socket?

Or are there only 3 total PWM outputs which are shared across the 2 P sockets on the Spider?

The Spider catalog page says 6 PWM, which is what I thought, but I wanted to be sure.

@ devhammer

These are different pins PWM0-PWM5

You can check it out in the schematics:


Cool…thanks for the info.

Of course, I realized that for what I want to do, the PWM pins alone are insufficient…I have some more learning to do before I can move forward with my idea. :slight_smile: