134.2 kHz RFID Reader

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with a 134.2 kHz RFID reader on a FEZ Domino? I’m trying to build a device for my cats to read their RFID implants to help them with dietary food.


RFID implants!? :o
That is animal cruelty! ;D

Actually, ISO FDX-B Microchips are quite common used as implants for cats and dogs to identify the animal :wink:


Hmm… interesting. So how can this help with dietary food? Just curious.

Fun idea !!! Automated food distributor, allowing more food depending on how much the beast already received this day ?

May need to use to “WatchDog” ;D function not to have the distributor crash while on vacations for the week end, or this will end in real diet :wink:

Basically I have three cats at the moment:

  • 1 female, 6 years old with an eggwhite intolerance (needs special sensitivity food)
  • 1 male, 2 years old with a bladder problem (needs special prevention food)
  • 1 male ~2 months old who obviously needs kitten food

The problem I have now is that I have to put them in different rooms a couple times per day and keep track of which cat ate how much already, something which (imo) could be solved with 3 RFID controlled bowls to open the right bowl for the right cat and only if that cat hasn’t had it’s max amount of food for the day.

Basically I need an RFID reader (preferrably with a big antenna) to easily interface with FEZ (Domino) to read the chip implanted under the skin on their backs to identify the cat and then act accordingly.

Strange, why can’t people standardise?

In South Africa we have, amongs others, Identipet(http://www.identipet.com/) which uses the standard 125KHz…

I have been itching to build a locked cat flap that unlocks via RFID. No more other cats marking my house… :slight_smile:

I have built an 125KHz RFID reader, hooked to USB via a PIC, but I have not yet tried to hook the chip to my Panda…

The 134.2 kHz frequency actually is a European-wide standard (ISO FDX-B)

The pet supply places charge ridiculous $$ for an automated cat door or feeding station like this and most trigger off some type of collar, which cats always manage to loose quickly. We’re in the same boat with an older cat. Now I can really justify getting another Panda.

Your domino has USB host so you can use something like this http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8856

Thanks Gus, but it’s quite expensive and has the wrong frequency (125kHz). Any other suggestions?

Looks like this frequency is standard for animals’ RFID. I am finding many devices online but nothing cheap http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/427069588-bluetooth-rfid-reader-wholesalers.html

RajenK, the chip I used, will have to find it, used a simple clock/data interface that should be easy to interface to the Panda/Domino.

On another note, have you found a spec for FDX-B?

My RFID software decoded EM4100(which is 125KHz) cards and tags. I don’t have an FDX-B compliant tad to play with… :slight_smile:

Also, I was only able to get max 10cm read range on a credit card sized tag. On the keychain tag I got 5cm…

Errol, the specification is listed on FDX-B Animal Identification protocol description

Wow, this is interesting. My cats just got a bowl of nuggets and a bowl of water and had to figure it out for themselves.

Lucky them. My cat just have the kid’s leftovers (in any).
But I retain the idea of an RFID chip on the kids to get access granted to the fridge. 8)

RajenK, thanks. That is more than I have been able to find… :slight_smile:

BTW, I used the MLX90109…

I see this thread is old but I can contribute anyway.

After trying to do it myself [url]http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/2/1835/[/url], I now use the RFID reader from Priority1Design.

I have a relatively complete driver for the Fez Domino if someone is interested.

I am sure the community will love seeing it here code.tinyclr.com :slight_smile:

realiser, could you provide more detail on the driver you made? Is it for the 134kHz module of Priority1Design? If so, could you please share the code?