$110 NETMF PC is here!

If you haven’t been watching my youtube page or the Insider forum you might have missed that I’ve been working on a very complete NETMF PC for about $110. Based on Synth and GHI boards SynthDOS can run on any configuration that has a mainboard, display, usb, sd, and power. Throw on a network (included in my $110 build) and you’re really cooking.

Let’s start with the build: FEZ Spider II + USB SP + USB Host + SD Card + VideoOut + Ethernet J11D = $110.70 + tax & shipping

You can run higher configurations if you want. For example I have a second one running a Raptor + USB + EDP + SD + NewHaven 7" Cap + WiFi RS21. No new code, just a change to the startup.ini file. :smiley:

So what can this thing do?
[ul]Launch normal NETMF applications
Launch Skewworks IApplications
CIFS (copy files over network)
FileSystem control
Save WiFi ssids & encrypted passwords
Save host files
HEX view files
Edit text files with edit.sea
Package programs with pack.sea[/ul]

Go grab your free copy of the software here: http://skewworks.com/SynthDOS/ and start making your own programs for it!


This is really impressive! :clap:

That’s an awful lot of work that went into that. What was the motivation? :clap:

@ Mr. John Smith - I’ve just always enjoyed pushing these things as far as I can. I know it can still go a lot further too, but I’m going to have to start getting good at RLP.

Working on the GUI side. :wink:


Just a little update on this project that, as usual, has gotten way out of hand

  1. Added users & groups so you actually have to log into to work
  2. Completely replaced the native System.IO assembly to force login
  3. Added permissions Files/Folders/Users/Groups
  4. Added service support
  5. Added LzQuick [de]compression support
  6. Added run levels
  7. Added headless mode
  8. Total overhaul of the Skewworks HAL
  9. Console separated out so it can be custom replaced
  10. CIFS support now native to streams with new assembly

And the footprint is small. Really, really small. My minimum test rig involves a Cerb.

More work to do but hopefully a new video & release in the next couple of weeks.