100Gbps wifi - can i use it with a Panda?

[quote]Like the previous 40Gbps tech, this new 100Gbps version uses some super high-frequency signals (237.5 GHz) that let you really pack in the data. At 100Gbps, for instance, you can transmit a whole Blu-ray of data in two seconds flat. The catch is that high-frequency signals like this aren’t very good at going through walls like the low frequency ones your average router spits out. So you wind up with something less like a dome of coverage and something more like an invisible cable where the ends need to be able to see each other.

By employing optical and electrical multiplexing techniques, i.e., by simultaneously transmitting multiple data streams, and by using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas, the data rate could be multiplied. Hence, radio systems having a data rate of 1 terabit per second appear to be feasible.

Gadgeteer module - anybody?