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10-pin IDC Breakout


Does a breakout for the Gadgeteer socket exist that would supply a breadboard breakout (IDC socket on top + two rows of 5 pins at .1 on the bottom)? GHI, this would be a great addition if it doesn’t.


We have the extender to plug into breadboards and we have DuinoProto. These should cover most uses.


Ah, I forgot about the extender… That will do the job once a header is soldered on. I still think it would be nice to have one that straddles the center of a breadboard with just a single socket. The extender will probably have to hang off the edge of a single size breadboard to be useful.


Check out Pete’s post on Der BlinkenLED:

Shows some nice pictures of the extender module with a header soldered on, and plugged into a breadboard. You’re right that it hangs off, but if you wanted to avoid that you could always use a 90 degree header, so the module would stick up rather than hang off the breadboard.


Ah… I guess it’s not as big as my eyes are telling me it is. That’ll work just fine :slight_smile: I assume the two plugs are wired up correctly for DaisyLink.


I just wandered across these on eBay…


Looks promising, but that shipping will kill you…$4 to ship a $1.50 part? OUCH!


There’s a little bit of a volume discount. I ordered 4 for $12 total. Between those and the couple of Extender modules coming, I should be able to have several different projects going at the same time.