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1-wire support


Hi there,

I got a Fez Domino last week - freakin awesome.

For my first project I wanted to port some of my DS18B20 temperature sensors over to this, but as you might know NETMF natively doesn’t have the timing controls to support this highly speed critical protocol. Has there been any thought to building 1-wire into the USBizi on-chip? That would be a cool addition, so I don’t have to resort to a DS2482 i2c to 1-wire chip. I’m sure there are many other 1-wire devices out there that would benefit from this (lots of weather-related hobbyists use 1-wire)



USBizi (FEZ) has always supported 1-wire. Look at hardware namespace for OneWire class in the GHI NETMF documentation :wink:

We look forward to see your FEZ projects :smiley:


well I guess that this will make it Freakin EZ won’t it :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: Thanks !