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1 Day PCB manufacture


I had to get a board made quickly so instead of sending it to the usual suspects in China i am getting it made locally (Ireland) by PCB Pool with a 1 day turn around.

Board is a fairly vanilla 2 layer design.

Using PCB Pool they send you a pickie of your board at each manufacture step which is quite fascinating to watch (ok maybe i need to get out more… :smiley: )

UV expose top
UV expose bottom
Strip top
Strip bottom
UV cure top
UV cure bottom
Surface finish
Mill the outline

All in a days work… :slight_smile:


PCB Pool are pretty good.

Did you get a free stencil?

Also PCBTrain do a quick and cheap turnaround on no solder resist boards.


@ hagster - yes to free stencil.
i was going to do a no resist but decided against it this time…


… dejavu …


Forget the PCB fab, what is that board :slight_smile: ?


Although I think it is best for Justin to answer this …

I’ll take a guess that’s an stm32f427 with bluegigas wf121 for wifi and ble113 for the blue tooth stuff.

Of course all running on netmf 4.3 …

But again, just my guess…


This thread needs this !


1 Day turn around FTW!

How much did it cost?


@ Mr. John Smith - $2.50 plus a cough small fiddle factor ;D


@ PiWi - Your guess is pretty much spot on… :slight_smile:


Justin, Just a wild guess … 7/25 :open_mouth:


@ PiWi - You lost me…so i’ll just say 42